Creating the right ambience is as important as the quality of the food



by light.iQ

The recent Npower survey has confirmed what we at Light IQ have been saying all along, lighting is crucial to the success of a restaurant or bar.

Poor restaurant lighting, whether it is too bright or too dull was given as the reason, by nearly a third (29%) of respondents to a npower survey, as to why they had walked out of a restaurant or bar. The survey also revealed that 71% of people said when picking a venue for a date they felt lighting was a more important consideration than price or music.

One of our favourite restaurant projects was Rocksalt, the first solo restaurant venture of former Claridges head chef, Mark Sargeants. Located among the cobbled market streets, next to the listed brick viaduct and overlooking the ever changing Folkestone coast line. We made the conscious decision to use lighting to accentuate the dramatic architecture and insure it did not distracts from the majestic sea view. Careful consideration of the restaurants context allowed us to tailor the architectural lighting as well as ambient and task lighting to create a relaxing environment in which you can enjoy the breathing taking view and exquisite food.

Often assuming great lighting means big cost, restaurateurs and bar owners write it off as a unnecessary extra. However beautiful lighting need not break the bank. Simplicity and careful consideration of a restaurants context is the key in creating an effortlessly lit restaurant.