Stairway to Heaven!



by light.iQ

With a creative, well considered lighting design scheme and state of the art fittings, you have infinite opportunities to create something exceptional with lighting stairs. With the play of new technology, such as LEDs, there is so much more scope for innovative design options.

Discrete use of LED lights within handrail detail and below panelling can maximize the lit effect.

Make a drama out of a skylight at the top of stairs. This can be done by using discrete LEDs recessed into the sky light that frames the space. This has the effect of creating a wonderful night light drawing your eye to the top of the house.
The fluid lines of an opulent chandelier can be used to reflect the lines of the imposing traditional staircase, creating a stunning central aspect. Decorative lighting will often inform the space stealing the limelight and creating generous light levels

You can also delineate a staircase utilising coloured LED tape. Thin strips can be completely concealed underneath the lip of stairs, emitting an effective glow that energises the space. This can also be applied within recessed balustrades to great effect.

Open staircases can be lit from both the side and from beneath to uplight the treads creating reflected light onto the lower steps. The use of uplights set into the floor accentuate the form whilst recessed spots into the side illuminate the treads for safety. The two effects combined create a warm glow making the staircase a lovely feature.