What we do

Light is an intangible resource and our challenge as lighting designers is to visualise, create, communicate and materialize lighting environments for a wide range of architectural spaces. We do not impose a particular style of lighting, we look to work in harmony with designers, architects and artists to ensure the architectural character of an environment is embraced. By working seamlessly as part of larger teams we are able to allow the most invisible of mediums to draw to life exceptionally lit spaces.

Light IQ provides a unique, flexible approach to each client thus providing a ‘tailored service’ that responds to the individual requirements of each project. We believe that the optimum realisation of each project is achieved through insight, innovation and meticulous attention to detail. Utilising the latest lighting technologies and energy efficient light sources, Light IQ provides an unparalleled level of service from concept to completion.

In addition to lighting design, we also design custom light fixtures for projects that require bespoke solutions or ‘lighting couture’. We create exclusive and innovative light sculptures or fittings that respond to the unique nature and requirements of each environment.

Light IQ have extensive experience of lighting control solutions, with our in-house team of experienced programmers we design and programme multi-faceted solutions to ensure a human-centric solution to control. Ease of use, comfort and world class attention to detail ensure customised solutions tailored for each project.

Types of work