Moncler Old Bond Street

Mayfair, London

Luxury fashion brand Moncler opens first flagship store in Old Bond Street. Parisian duo Gilles & Boissier have created a unique environment that evokes a sophisticated home. Light IQ was set to the challenge to design a scheme that would replicate a residential ambiance, within a luxury retail context.

Moncler is now a global luxury retail empire with flagship stores across all continents. However, finding a suitable location in London was not easy and the brand had been trying to set foot in Bond Street for a long time.

The store is located on 26 Old Bond Street, a site formerly occupied by a Chanel jewellery boutique. There are three retail floors at this location and the historic character of the building set many challenges to the design team: low ceiling areas, restricted structural alterations and minimum daylight penetration.

Gilles & Boissier have been collaborating with the brand for the past 8 years and their original 'neo-baroque' approach for the interior decoration has evolved since then. The new style of the interior is in line with the latest trends in luxury retail design: fresh, inviting atmospheres with soft, comfortable lighting. Gone are the days of flat lighting levels across the display floor and wall areas; it is all about drama and accent, contrast and highlights.

The lighting design was carefully planned to support the notion of a luxurious residential ambiance, within the context of a luxury fashion brand. Several layers of lighting were applied to the display areas and interior surfaces. Richly carved wooden panels are accented, whilst discreet bronze-finish spotlights (elegantly integrated into the beautiful leather ceilings) accent the merchandise.

The furniture and display cabinets had to incorporate most of the lighting details to illuminate the merchandise. This approach translated into minimum lighting interventions (spot lights) across the ceiling vistas, thus helping to achieve a 'residential' feeling throughout.

Soft and warm LED lighting gently washes the vertical surfaces and ceilings, providing general ambient lighting to the spaces. All these lighting layers combined result in a visually comfortable yet dramatic retail experience. The same effect is applied to the facade lighting, where the only elements to be illuminated are the window reveals and the display windows at the entrance.

Moncler and Light IQ are very pleased with the result and look forward to the next opening!


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