Hourly Design Consultancy

In addition to our full scope of services, we also offer an hourly lighting design consultancy for projects that require immediate input and without the need of a comprehensive set of information. This is charged and billed at an hourly rate.

This service typically includes a few hours of design time with one of our Directors, where marked up plans are produced and lighting solutions agreed with everyone around the table. We would also provide specifications for the lighting equipment as well as any additional work, based on the project's requirements. This service does not operate on a fixed fee but is charged hourly to ensure the input from all parties is optimised and as efficient as possible.

Our Design Consultancy is more suitable for smaller residential projects, as well as commercial projects that are already ready for a first fix of electrical installation.

To make an enquiry about this service, please fill in the form in our Contact page and one of our designers will be in touch.