Crestron EMEA Showroom

Chelsea, London

Located in the heart of the design world, Crestron’s EMEA showroom in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour is a key attraction for those looking to incorporate modern home technology into their interior designs in a vibrant and impressive setting.

The Crestron showroom is the ultimate place to experience luxury home automation. With an emphasis on how to bring your style to life, it presents a discovery of how design meets technology with invisible, personalised control of everything around you. Unveiling the new look, Robin van Meeuwen, Crestron EMEA CEO said: “The showroom is a fantastic example of collaboration – not only between Crestron and a number of our technology partners, but also with leading brands from the interiors worlds. The blend of cutting edge technology with innovative textiles, furnishings and decorative fittings delivers a truly unique space for our integrators and designers to bring their clients. Our Chelsea Showroom now brings together a compelling selection from leading brands in the interior design world.’’

Light IQ ensured the latest lighting products were integrated into the design scheme to highlight the advanced technology and programming available. Ambient lighting scenes where the colour temperature is adjusted according to the time of day, warm to dim LEDs taking the environment from day to night all ensure the showroom is set for any event. Colour tuneable light boxes frame the new high-spec fully functioning kitchen by Boffi, a Cox London chandelier frames the spacious dining room, whilst the home office is graced with a stunning installation from Haberdashery.

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Knightsbridge, London

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