Mayfair, London

Afroditi Krassa created a beautiful and intimate venue for Chef Miller Prada's new venue.

This cosy and intimate venue in the heart of Mayfair features a natural palette of materials and finishes that beautifully frames the show kitchen at the centre of the restaurant.

There is a basement private dining experience, where diners sit around a counter and witness their dishes being prepared by the chef's team, directly in front of them.

Light IQ created a warm atmosphere with lighting coves mixed with discreet accent lights. It was agreed with the design team to avoid spot lighting as much as possible and rely on indirect reflected light as much as possible.

With the strong presence of social media in the restaurant industry, Light IQ's brief included achieving the most flattering light for both diners and dishes. This is particularly successful along the main dining counter, where dramatic accent lighting provides the optimum photogenic settings.


Kensington, London

Young Headquarters

Hackney, London