Soho, London

Designed by creative Japanese firm Studio Glitt, the interior design of this restaurant is comprised of beautiful architectural details that contrast dramatically with the carefully curated Japan-themed paraphernalia.

This iconic venue is situated in the heart of Soho (Wardour Street) and took 24 months to plan and design. Robin Leigh (Nobu, Bond Street NewYork) conceived Ichibuns as the first wagyu beef burger restaurant serving also a variety of comfort food and signature drinks.

The complicated interior design was put together by Nori and his team from Tokyo, and implemented locally by firm SuperFutures. Every single element inside the venue has been carefully designed and planned and this includes the lighting. From bespoke furniture and wall finishes, to reinstated original Pachinko machines and fire-rated Manga (Japanese comic) magazines.

The lighting installation comprises discreet details that highlight such rich interior decorations and architectural details. A second layer of accent lighting ensures that all tables are illuminated, as well as selected features and decorative elements throughout.

The entire system is designed with LED technology, which was a very important factor in the planning as Light IQ had to harmonise all the colour temperatures and ensure that the ambiance of the restaurant had a warm, inviting feeling that is often associated with halogen lighting.

The result is a striking venue with rich decorations and a strong character, which is reflected by the menu concept and the vibrant staff.

Hansom Lobby

King's Cross, London

Ocean Club

New Jersey, USA