Imperial Treasure

Piccadilly, London

Imperial Treasure arrives in London with a stunning interior design by Studio Liaigre.

Formerly a bank, the new Imperial Treasure in Waterloo Place has been impeccably designed by Studio Liaigre, under the direction of Archer Humphryes. The vast dining room features a series of screens made of wood, glass and metal, to provide scale and intimacy to the dining guests.

Most of the lighting is integrated in such screens, which comprise discreet LEDs to glow the amber glass panels, as well as miniature accent lights to reveal the texture and colour of the hand painted black panels. The two effects provide a stunning visual contrast throughout the restaurant.

A series of custom luminaires were designed by Liaigre and Light IQ, to supplement the architectural lighting. There are plaster round chandeliers - with integral task lighting, that crown selected seating spaces, adding drama and a true sense of luxury to the dining experience.

The private dining rooms in the mezzanine were design to primarily focus on the dining experience; as a result, a simple system of discreet track lighting adds accent and task lighting to the tables.

The bar features warm and soft lighting that is integrated into the mango coloured marble. After dark, the beautiful counter and shelves provide an intense amber glow to the entrance and facade - as seen from the street, which was intentional as it is the signature colour of the brand.

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