Pret A Manger New Concept


Pret A Manger UK reveals their new image with the first concept store in the Verde Building, Victoria. Light IQ was commissioned to create an intimate ambience within a dynamic environment for the new interior designed by David Collins Studio.

Layers of light create intimacy, focus and more importantly a sense of welcome throughout the day. With daily operation from 7am to 7pm the new store required a dynamic lighting system that was able to adjust the warmth, volume and feel to suit the various times. For the first time in Pret's history, a dynamic white lighting system was introduced. The ambient lighting ranged from 2400K to 3000K. The two carefully chosen colours are seamlessly integrated into the store's architectural details.

A welcoming, bright and fresh look is achieved during the mornings and early afternoons, by only activating the 3000K (warm white) lighting throughout. Later in the day and towards the evening, the lighting subtly changes to very warm white (2400K) thus creating a softer, intimate atmosphere in both the food retail (fridges and counter) and dining areas of the store. The lighting in the fridges was also harmonised with the ambient lighting, in order to create consistency within the store. The result is a visually pleasant and harmonious scheme that is aimed to encourage customers to spend longer time in the store.

Light IQ worked closely with David Collins Studio to create a unique fully flexible lighting system which needed to be adaptable to any ceiling condition. This was a fundamental condition required by Pret A Manger.

A final lighting layer in the form of decorative elements was introduced at low level including wall lights and bespoke table lamps, in order to provide task and focal points in the dining area.

The entire lighting installation is comprised of light emitting diodes (LEDs), which is a step forward for the brand, in terms of reducing energy consumption at their stores and eliminating altogether discharge lamp technology - already obsolete and expensive to maintain.

All images © Peter Kociha Photography

12 Charles Street Residence

Mayfair, London

Hansom Lobby

King's Cross, London