Soho Lofts

Soho, London

A challenging three year residential project to create a dynamic space for the well-travelled client. The strong architecture of the 5th and 6th floor penthouse in central London took centre stage allowing the lighting to provide the necessary theatre.

With an abundance of daylight, the lighting brief was primarily focused towards task and drama. The reduced ceiling heights on the 5th floor contrasted to the volumes and height of the sixth. To create a seamless dialogue between the two, architectural slots were created within sloping walls, stairwells and steel columns.

From the initial brief the client allowed us to push the boundaries ensuring their art work and sculptures sat within a dynamic environment. With a love of entertaining and the London skyline as a 360 degree panorama the client desired a fabulous space in which to dance the night away.

A dominant feature to the fifth floor was the introduction of a cantilevered wine cellar which projects from the side of the building. To ensure this still felt as if it was ‘floating’ the onyx floor was backlit. The exceptional wine collection is discretely lit with tiny inset LEDs whilst the central pendant warms the brickwork and assists in balancing the layers of light. The beautiful tiled kitchen ceiling is framed by linear lighting set within the original steel beams.

The accentuated architecture is graced with additional task and decorative lighting. The sixth floor is dominated by steel framed views across London. Light IQ believed the ultimate realisation of the scheme was to install panels of light within each of the frames which could gradate and change colour at whim. The clients love of partying and need for a private bar ensured that anything less than dramatic would not be enough. The vertical steel panels are lit from two sides, utilising RGB and 2400k to ensure the depth and variety of colours from rich hues to softer pastels could be achieved. This dramatic scheme was linked through to the clients sky bar where a homemade infinity light effect was created within 150mm.

This was a unique project, realised beautifully by a talented team and an exceptional client. The seamless integration of technology ensures the spaces comes alive at the touch of a single button or rests quietly allowing the buzz of London to be the only distraction required.

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