Art Cafe At Claridge’s


John Pawson creates an intimate and minimal hideaway in the heart of Mayfair.

As part of the multi-million pound extension of Claridge's Hotel, the Art Cafe and Space were added at Brooks Mews to create a new lifestyle scene at the back of the hotel.

The impeccable interiors feature simple and elegant seating and a neutral palette of finishes in the walls and ceiling provides the optimum backdrop for art display. The lighting language is comprised only by three elements: linear coves and linear details at low level - a signature of Pawson's design, ultra-discreet downlights to accent surfaces and tables and a set of custom lighting globes to provide a soft and warm atmosphere.

After a careful consideration of the space's daylight availability and opening hours, it was decided that all the artificial lighting was going to be 2700K. This would create a warm and soft atmosphere inside the cafe, without being too warm during the peak hours.

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