Light IQ collaborates with Lecoadic-Scotto Architecture to develop the new interior design and lighting for Boucheron.

The new interior design of fine jewellery brand Boucheron was revealed in Printemps in mid 2017. Parisian design duo Yann Lecoadic and Alessandro Scotto were appointed by Kering Group to redesign and refresh the image of the boutiques worldwide.

The new elegant, sober - yet sophisticated interior is intended to resemble a private residence. This particular 'look' called for minimalist detailing in all display cabinetry, look-down tables and display niches. Light IQ were set to the challenge of design and develop bespoke lighting solutions for all the various display elements, including a full-height focus point that showcases exceptional pieces of jewellery.

Light IQ worked closely with Lecoadic-Scotto and a custom lighting manufacturer, in order to come up with unique solutions that include dynamic white lighting elements, extra-small accent lighting and bespoke decorative luminaires. All of these technologies had to respond to Kering's sustainability policies which meant 100% of the lighting had to comprise LEDs.

As a result, the customer experience is focused mainly on discovering the beautiful pieces of jewellery, without any distractions usually associated with busy or convoluted interior decorations and visual merchandising paraphernalia. The ambiance is certainly similar to a private apartment, as dimming was essential in the project and every single lighiting element is individually controlled in order to achieve the right balance of light and shadow throughout.

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