Jakarta, Indonesia

The latest fine dining opening of the brand, at the glamorous Alila SCBD in the centre of Jakarta.

Situated on level 25th and 26th of the Alila Hotel tower, the restaurant boasts stunning views of the trendy and bustling financial district of Jakarta. GBRH from Paris have designed what could be one of the most beautiful Hakkasan locations worldwide. The unique finishes and interior design touches include bespoke furniture and light fittings in polished chrome, silk and embroidered leather.

The breathtaking views to the exterior city scape and Jakarta's skyline dictated most of the layout and configuration of the rooms. Artificial lighting was added in key locations to compensate for the vast daylight available throughout.
Hakkasan signature lighting details include the blue glass screens, the intricate layering of lighting in the main dining room "The Cage" and fully bespoke light fittings to provide accent to each table.

The project took nearly 4 years to be completed as the tower was built from scratch in the centre of Jakarta and one of the most difficult challenges, in terms of lighting, was the specification and procurement of light equipment. Indonesia has strict import rules regarding lighting and this meant that local alternatives needed to be closely reviewed and approved prior to the final ordering. This ensured that the final lit effect was not compromised.
The entire lighting installation comprised LED technology, thus making this Hakkasan one of the first ones to have fully embraced lighting energy efficiency.




Tokyo, Japan