Chateau Denmark

St. Giles, London

Luxury Hotel and Apartments in the heart of London.

Designed by Taylor Howes, this luxury hotel features unique rooms and apartments inspired by London's legendary Punk Rock era. The lighting design responds to the interior style, adding discreet accents to the architecture and joinery details. A layer of lavish decorative lighting complements each space and enhances the sense of luxury and exclusivity as each room is unique and has intricate decoration details that do not replicate elsewhere.
A sophisticated sound and light system controls the mood and ambiance in every space.

Some of the public spaces within the building complex have original graffiti and artwork from the 1960's, which was preserved and enhanced with feature lighting to add drama and a sense of spectacle, to the guest experience.

The House of Koko

Camden, London

Yoyogi Park Residence

Tokyo, Japan