The House of Koko

Camden, London

After 5 years of extensive renovation works, KOKO Camden reopens with a brand new Private Member's club annexed to it.

Archer Humphryes and Pirajean Lees have created one of the most beautiful member's club in London. Featuring several restaurants, a public house, pizzeria, listening booths, a recording studio and a private apartment, The House of Koko is aimed to transform the Camden Town nightlife and social scenes.

Light IQ collaborated with both the lead architect and interior designer to add layers of discreet lighting throughout the various spaces and rooms of the club. This was complimented by a very rich palette of decorative luminaires, selected by Pirajean Lees. The intention was to create an atmosphere that resembled someone's luxurious home. As a result, every room has warm and soft lighting with very discreet accents and integral details to enhance the guest's experience.

The Booking Office 1869

King's Cross, London

Chateau Denmark

St. Giles, London