Rosewood Villa Magna

Madrid, Spain

BAR Studio completes the stunning renovation of the iconic Villa Magna Hotel in the heart of Madrid.

Light IQ was brought on board to finalise the lighting styling for this beautiful hotel. This exercise comprised extensive focusing and aiming of the lighting installation, throughout the public spaces and guest room areas.

It was only when all the rooms and spaces were fully focused, with the complete accessories and furnishings installed, that the second part of LIQ's task could be completed: the lighting scene configuration and setting.

Our vast experience with control systems and dimming ensured that all the public areas had a smooth transition of scenes, from day to night.

Closely adhering to Rosewood's input and feedback in terms of visual comfort and brightness levels, Light IQ successfully completed the styling and scenes throughout the hotel.

Woodacres Residence

Los Angeles, USA

Brooklyn Heights Residence

New York, USA