Brooklyn Heights Residence

New York, USA

Jeff Corney renovates this stunning townhouse in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in New York.

This beautiful 6 storey townhouse was impeccably restored and decorated by talented designer Jeff Corney. The original historic features and details of the house were preserved and brought back to life.

New lighting installations comprised of very discreet downlights and adjustable spots, which were added to accent artwork, furniture and provide task lighting to some rooms. However, the majority of the lighting ambiance in this beautiful house is provided by the carefully selected collection of decorative luminaires.

As part of our lighting consultancy, we ensure the lighting installation has the highest quality in terms of colour rendering and also colour consistency. The lamps within the decorative luminaires had to be carefully selected to match colour throughout.

The overall look and feel of the house is warm, with soft lighting throughout the rooms and circulation spaces.

Rosewood Villa Magna

Madrid, Spain

The Booking Office 1869

King's Cross, London