Allegra at The Stratford

Stratford, East London

Beautiful fine-dining setting in the heart of Stratford by Danish designer Space Copenhagen.

Allegra is the signature restaurant of the new The Stratford Hotel, also designed by Space Copenhagen. The Danish duo intended to create a very simple, elegant and clean Scandinavian setting, to showcase Chef Patrick Powell’s innovative modern European cuisine.

The almost monochromatic palette of finishes and textures of the interior meant that the lighting design had to play a key role in providing the required warm, soft and visually comfortable ambiance – for both lunch and dinner service.

As a result, Light IQ proposed a system of white-tuneable and dim-to-warm LED sources that were integrated into the architecture and interior design. The various lighting layers used to achieve this comprise simple lighting details such as coves, display lighting to shelving, gentle uplighting wash to curtains and screens and a soft glow under the seating areas, whilst discreet accents to the tables are provided by dim-to-warm downlights.

The majority of the installation changes colour temperature, from 2700K at lunchtime – when the interior of the restaurant is vastly flooded with natural light, to 2400K and 2200K after sunset. This maximises the guest experience, as the restaurant looks quite distinct during these two settings.

The design style and ethos of Space Copenhagen called for the most discreet lighting details and minimum disruptions to the ceiling, which meant that all lighting had to be carefully integrated in the furniture, walls and ceiling construction. The minimum number of downlights was proposed to accent each table and thus retaining a visually clean ceiling, as much as possible.

A rich layer of decorative lighting was naturally introduced to enhance the space and interior design, as well as to provide ambient lighting. All the sources are also fitted with dim-to warm sources that contribute to the transformation of the space throughout the day and into the night.

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