The Booking Office 1869

King's Cross, London

Impressive revival of one of the most beautiful Victorian Gothic rooms in London.

The old ticket office of the St. Pancras Station has been dramatically transformed by Parisian designer Hugo Toro. Taking historical references from Victorian times, the new design features tall palm trees in the dining room as well as new chandeliers of monumental proportions, to bring scale to the 10 metre high room.

The lighting design comprises several layers of architectural details, neatly and seamlessly integrated into the millwork, furniture and architecture. The impressive Victorian Gothic Architecture of Sir Gilbert Scott is softly accented around the perimeter of the room, to bring drama and scale to the dining experience.

Decorative lighting is carefully place around each seating group, counter, service station and key vistas of the room. The combination of both architectural and decorative lighting - with matching colour temperatures, result in the most flattering lighting for both the room and the guests.

Brooklyn Heights Residence

New York, USA

The House of Koko

Camden, London